The Household Goods Moving and Storage business is heavily regulated. Well meaning legislators hoping to get their name on legislation have targeted the industry in the name of “helping” the poor, uninformed public and havve driven the cost of providing this service higher. Yes, we deliver an excellent product, at an exceptional value for your precious belongings! But what if you aren’t shipping precious belongings and are just shipping…stuff? No antiques, no expensive collections, no china, crystal, silver or artwork…just

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Moving ranks # five on the list of things people dread most.

Death of a loved one, divorce, and bankruptcy lead the list. Moving is next…tied for # five on the list, with an I.R.S. audit, and just in case you’re curious, #6 on the list is a full-mouth teeth extraction.

Our task here is to remove “moving” from the list entirely. We provide you a schedule to get all the things done you

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  1. Review your moving checklist. Take control and remove the stress—or get a handle on the other 50 moving-related things you have to think about.
  2. Throw away the “junk”! Why pay to move it if you’re only going to throw it away later? Who needs the additional clutter at a new house, anyway!
  3. How will you lay out your furniture in the new abode? Think about it ahead of time—not while the movers are
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Whether moving a family into a new home or for a business upgrading to a larger facility, moving can be a stressful and difficult time. Everyone has concerns about properly packing everything so that it arrives safely without damage. Planning the logistics of packing up on one end and arriving on time at the new destination can be challenging. For any move in or around the Massachusetts area, All Points Movers is one of the most trusted, reliable and affordable

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All Points Movers is one of the most expert local moving companies for anyone in Springfield or throughout Massachusetts and to locations in nearby states. Whether for comprehensive moving services or only to have a portion of the move professionally done, the company’s experts are ready to help.

The company considers local moves as those that include any moves within Massachusetts or to one of its neighboring states where the move is within 150 miles of the originating address.

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